Monday, May 02, 2005

Italian Month!

To enhance my Italian Dream Challenge experience, I have decided to designate the month of May as “Italian Month” at my house. I found a great site on the web with recipes categorized by nation: Food Down Under. I looked up Italian cuisine and found so many wonderful things to try. DH and I are lacto-ovo vegetarians so we have lots to choose from on a southern Mediterranean diet. Sunday, instead of our usual vegetable omelet and home fries, we had a delightful potato and artichoke frittata – so simple to make! This is going to be great fun. We will be dining outdoors, too, as weather permits.

Today, I am making an authentic Sicilian recipe for
lasagna. The weights and oven temperatures were given in metric units, but I found a handy web site for metric to English conversions: Science Made Simple. I will, of course, replace the meat called for with Morningstar Farms Crumbles.

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