Saturday, May 14, 2011

May's Sketchbook Challenge

The Sketchbook Challenge for this month is “Can’t Resist.” Well, I can’t resist new spring leaves and splashing around in watercolors! I gathered a few varieties of leaves from the yard, sketched them and cut them out to use as stencils for this fun little exercise from Ann K. Lindsay’s book, WATERCOLOR: A NEW BEGINNING. Starting in the foreground, successive rows of overlapping leaf shapes have watercolor glazes added around them, pushing them further into the background. The stencils act as a kind of “resist” to the paint.

This was done on heavy watercolor paper because the paper has to be wet for the initial wash. I will glue it into my sketchbook.

French Kitty's New Outfit

Here is my French Kitty doll, all dolled up in a new dress and fascinator.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Vermicelli Stitch Practice on Paper Towel

Here is an example of one ply of paper toweling (used to clean up paint) fused to a piece of felt and then free-motion stitched. This very sturdy and highly textured piece of fabric paper will probably end up as a collage background. I learned about stitching on painted paper towels from this very inspiring blog: A Little Imagination and a Pile of Junk.