Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Binky's Garden"

I finally finished "Binky’s Garden," the little memorial quilt to a neighbor’s cat I began working on a couple of years ago. Binky used to spend most of his time in our yard. He liked to sleep on our car (or in it!) whenever he had the chance. He was especially fond of our garden and always took time to stop and eat the flowers. And if our front door was open, he’d just sashay right in and visit for a while. DH and I absolutely adored him and he knew it. The neighbors never took proper care of him (and we couldn’t keep him because, technically, he belonged to one of their younger children). Binky disappeared one night after a big snowstorm. We were heartbroken… A few years later, we named one of our kittens after him.

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Love Potion #9" (Work in Progress)

I just wanted to post a quick update of my contour drawing embroidery piece. So far, I've added a backing and an inner border of couched novelty yarn and gold beads. The outside border is beaded but I still need to add beaded fringe to the bottom. To me, it has a kind of Gypsy/Bohemian vibe to it and so the working title is “Love Potion #9.”