Friday, May 30, 2008


This is Binky on his blanket at the foot of the bed. He is not quite one year old and he is just as sweet as can be. His fur is silky smooth and as soft as the underside of a rabbit’s tail. He still “nurses” on his older brother, Blake, and on our eighteen-year-old cat, India (who are both very tolerant of him).

Ellowyne’s New Outfit

I bought Ellowyne a pair of cute silver sandals the other day because she needed them for summer. (Never mind that I’ve worn the same old pair of sandals for the past five years!) Then, she needed a little dress to go with them. I made this sassy little number yesterday from a pattern I purchased on EBAY. Again, I used cotton from my stash. El borrowed a necklace and bracelet from glamorous film actress, Gene Marshall, to add a touch of bling. I think she could go anywhere in this outfit, from a Sunday brunch to a summer wedding.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

“Dear Prudence”

This is Ellowyne Wilde’s friend, Prudence Moody. She arrived here a few days ago, and I just love everything about her. Like my Ellowyne doll, she has three wigs – for three completely different looks. Pru came dressed in a cotton gingham checked teddy with striped stockings and darling little white lace-up boots. I’ve spent the past couple of days making an outfit for her, consisting of a long skirt (made from an old piece of quilting cotton), embroidered vest and a chenille tote bag trimmed with vintage fabric and a twinkle button. Now, she’s all ready for a pleasant afternoon of antiquing. Sewing for the dolls is helping me to reduce my “stash.” Hehe, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

Below is a close-up view of the embroidery on the vest. I adapted the design from a charming book, 101 Iron -on Transfers for Ribbon Embroidery by Deanna West Hall. The embroidery was done after the vest was near completion, before the side seams were stitched. So the back of the embroidery is hidden by the lining. It was a bit awkward to work this way (as you can see!), but knots would have been unsightly.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yet Another ATC Background…

Have I mentioned how much I love the Artist Trading Card Workshop book? Every time I open it up, I’m tempted to try another quick technique! I made this background last night from fused fibers and embossing powder. I’m not even sure I did it correctly, but I’m kinda sorta pleased with the results…

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Fun with ATC Backgrounds…

I decided to try another simple technique from the Artist Trading Card Workshop book. This is crumpled, painted tissue paper. I’m not altogether sure what I’m going to do with these backgrounds, yet – but I figure when inspiration strikes, I’ll be ready. At least, I’ll be halfway there… and not staring at a blank card. I’m so very easily entertained….

Friday, May 09, 2008

ATC Backgrounds

The other day, I treated myself to Bernie Berlin’s fantastic book on creating ATCs, Artist Trading Card Workshop. It is chock full of simple and effective background ideas that could also be translated to altered book pages and collage. I took a little time (and I do mean little) and played with the painted and torn paper towel technique. One ply of one paper towel yielded enough scraps to cover six cards (with scraps leftover). Here are mine, ready to stamp and embellish… Fun!