Friday, May 30, 2008

Ellowyne’s New Outfit

I bought Ellowyne a pair of cute silver sandals the other day because she needed them for summer. (Never mind that I’ve worn the same old pair of sandals for the past five years!) Then, she needed a little dress to go with them. I made this sassy little number yesterday from a pattern I purchased on EBAY. Again, I used cotton from my stash. El borrowed a necklace and bracelet from glamorous film actress, Gene Marshall, to add a touch of bling. I think she could go anywhere in this outfit, from a Sunday brunch to a summer wedding.


JoWynn Johns said...

Too adorable for words, both these "friends." What fun it must be to dress them.

Frances said...

Conni your dolls must be the best dressed gals in town, they are beautiful and I know how fiddlely making such small sizes can be,
you have brought back memories of fifty years ago when I bought my first teenage doll and spent many hours making her dresses and accessories,