Monday, May 23, 2005

Rhodo-Photo Fun

Continuing with Friday’s Rhododendron theme, here is a photo of one of the flower heads. Right below is a portion of the same photo, manipulated in PhotoShop to a fare-thee-well. I have about a bazillion ideas floating around in my head right now about where I want to go with this technique…

For today’s Italian meal we had one of our favorites, farfalle with olives and mint. This is another recipe from Better Homes and Gardens’ Easy Vegetarian Meals that I cannot find on their web site. It’s so simple and there is no cooking involved except for the bow ties. You just combine 8 oz. of cooked, drained pasta with about ¾ cup halved ripe olives, a couple of seeded, chopped plum tomatoes, ¾ cup of crumbled feta cheese, ½ cup of fresh, snipped mint, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and some freshly grated pepper. We always add a little salt, to taste. I have mint growing like crazy in my herb garden (and out of my herb garden!) – and this is such a great way to use it.


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