Monday, April 18, 2005

Yet Another UFO!

I retrieved yet another crazy pieced UFO from amidst the chaos that is my studio. This is a portion of what will one day become a lingerie case. I pieced it after Christmas (well, I needed a project to try out the new scissors I received, so I started cutting fabric strips and one thing sort of lead to another…) and then it somehow got put aside. My plan was to try embellishing the seams with a combination of hand and machine embroidery – and then add beads and buttons. Here is an example of a commercial ribbon affixed to a seam using the machine’s smocking stitch (in a thread that matches the ribbon) which created the little picots on each edge. I glued the ribbon down first with a fabric glue stick. My usual method of applying a ribbon to a seam is by hand- appliquéing it. Using the machine was much quicker and I think the little picots look like they are part of the ribbon.

Machine Appliquéd Ribbon

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