Sunday, January 22, 2006

Stash Sunday (1/22/06)

This week’s theme is about things we have bought on-line or through the mail. Here is a wonderful, vintage (1958) hand printed fabric I recently purchased on EBAY. I fell in love with the design and color combination (hot pink, orange, plum and lime green). The lime green looks almost fluorescent. The piece looks more like it was produced in 1968 (Hippie era), but printed on the selvage edge is “PAISLEY” GENE MCDONALD HAND PRINT COPYRIGHT 1958.

Vintage Fabric

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Frances said...

I some how missed this when visiting your blog before, Conni paisley patterns were very much a part of the fifties here in the UK and demmed 'old fashioned' by the early sixties, I agree the colours could be later but that paisley pattern was not sixties, how great to have the designer and date on the fabric,