Thursday, January 19, 2006

Painting on Fusible Web

I’ve been playing a little more with the monoprinting lessons. Here is my first attempt at painting on fusible web. The leaves were traced from ivy drawings in my sketchbook. They were then bonded to fabric (dyed awhile back using transparent paints and sea salt). This technique may have possibilities for future experiments. I’m thinking about adding veining details with thread, then adding a thin piece of batting and backing fabric - and quilting.


kay susan said...

I like this. I like the way the leaves come to the front and smack you right in the eye. Can't wait to see what you do with it next!

Conni said...

Thanks, Kay Susan. The first thing DH said when he saw it was that it looked almost three-dimensional.

The monoprinting course has really opened my eyes to new ways of getting images onto fabric. And I still have a few more lessons to go!

Frances said...

I really like this and agree with Kay Susan and your DH it looks like the leaves are forward from the background, like ivy hanging down from a tree branch and the blurred colour of flowers in the background,
O have been interested in seeing your progression with the mono printing course thanks,

Conni said...

Thanks, Frances. I'm having so much fun just playing with paints and fabric! I have enjoyed experimenting with all the techniques so far and I know they will come in handy for future projects.