Friday, January 13, 2006

Shaving Cream Prints

Today I decided I’d better go back through my monoprinting lessons and try to do some of the projects I missed. Here are my first attempts at making shaving cream prints. The one on the left was made on kona cotton, the one on the right, lutradur. My results fell a little short of expectations but the process was fun and something I will definitely revisit. And I can use these as backgrounds for other techniques.

Shaving Cream Prints


Anne Gailhbaud said...

Somewhere, I have seen this technic and I have tried it without obtaining the same result than you (wonderful!) So please, can you explain the technic or saying a site where I can understand. I do some textile art, but actually, I work on paper and make a RR decos . Thanks and congratulations from Anne France

Conni said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Anne. I have e-mailed you.