Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My Ever-Expanding Fiber Art Library

DH and I went to the Ocean City boardwalk Saturday night. It rained a little and we took shelter in the discount bookstore where I purchased two very nice sewing books (for $6.98 each!). The first one is Celtic Inspirations for Machine Embroiderers by Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Grey. It looks intriguing. It’s all about creating original designs from Celtic knot motifs, combining and distorting them to create even more designs and applying them to fabric using all kinds of techniques: painting, stenciling, appliqué – even designing with hot glue that is painted and stitched down! The book illustrates how to draw complex knots using a simple grid pattern.

The second book,
Machine Embroidery and More by Kristen Dibbs, shows how to create very complex-looking fiber art pieces and clothing embellishments using mitered border striped fabric and adding decorative machine stitching and beads.

Today, I am working on a Santa jacket from an old piece of tapestry. I am also still stitching away on my
fabric collage course piece. Those little quilts are really labor- intensive – but I’m learning a lot on the way. This is such a great on-line class with a wonderful teacher, Susan Sorrell, and very lively, funny and friendly forum.


kay susan said...

You are so lucky, those books are still on full publishers price here!

Conni said...

Hi Kay Susan,

Yes, I did get a great deal on the books. And the illustrations on the insides are just as yummy as the covers! The Celtic book, especially, would be right up your street as it reminds me of the processes you are working through with your carpet-inspired designs - isolating a traditional motif and working out variations of it to come up with completely innovative ideas...