Monday, July 11, 2005

Eastern Chipmunk

This little sweetie lives in a hole underneath the landscape ties right outside the door. There is a birdfeeder outside our kitchen window with a rope attached for him to climb. He provides endless entertainment for our cats as they watch him, from the kitchen sink, stuffing his cheeks to capacity with seeds to bring home for later dining.

Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus)


Maryellen said...

Hi: I just love chipmunks. We had three visit our campground this past week. I think they were after the crumbs my kids left behind. We saw bald eagles and even a bear. the bear was not in camp but a long ways away.

Conni said...

Hi Mary Ellen,

When DH and I first moved down here (about thirty years ago), black bears were only seen occasionally in the northern and central part of the state (NJ). They have recently been spotted down here in the southern pinelands– yikes! We also have eastern coyotes and have seen them a few times…