Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fun and Fast Recycling Project

In the process of weeding out my bookcases, I found a hardback book that I no longer wanted to keep. Not wanting to toss it out, entirely (well, books are sort of sacrosanct!), I decided to remove the pages and re-cover it, inspired by an article on bookmaking by Dede Warren in Somerset’s Sew magazine (Summer 2009). I followed her instructions except that I used a piece of original fabric paper for the cover (instead of scrapbook paper). I also used a single piece of heavy paper for the inside, including the spine. Using “Yes” glue and my fingers, I carefully glued my fabric paper to the outside first and then glued the inside paper to hide the raw edges. As per the instructions, I clamped the papers to the book, refolded the book back into its original position and left it to dry. A signature was made of 3 folded sheets of heavy watercolor paper and added to the book by using an awl to punch two corresponding holes through the center of the folded pages and the book’s spine and tied in with vintage seam tape.


Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

oh, I love this! Such pretty colors. blessings,Kahtleen

artymess said...

very nice indeed ...x