Monday, August 18, 2008

ATC Test

I wanted to make a quick test of my printed watercolor paper backings, so I zigzagged one to the back of a small stitchery from last year’s TAST.


JoWynn Johns said...


JoWynn Johns said...

Conni, I tried to e-mail this message , not as a Reply, but addressed as usual and it bounced back. Here it is.

First, those color sketches were done two years ago, and I want to do something else now. Haven't yet conceived of a way to use Elizabethan sensibility, stitches, and materials in a contemporary way.

I love the particle physics course. I've gone through it three times, each time, as I understood more, I found it increasingly exciting. I'm eager to go right into the string theory course, but I want to get back to stitching first.

Sigh. One thing at a time.

Frances said...

love your atc, I put a backing of thin card on some atc's I made a couple of years ago and lots of people put their business cards on the back, I put a little bit of fuseable between the card back and fabric front just for a bit of extra security,

Anonymous said...

Hi Conni,
I just picked a blog to make a comment on, because I just love all your handwork, postcards, embroidery! Really nice blog!!!