Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Field Trip...

I haven’t done any stitching for the past few days because I have a nasty sty on my eyelid (thanks to that darned Algerian eyestitch, no doubt!). Anyway, it doesn’t hurt anymore – just itches so I guess it’s beginning to heal.

Yesterday, for the first time, I accompanied DH to City Hall in Philly to help him set up a courtroom for an electronic presentation. I usually just assist him with the preparation work here, i.e. scanning photographs or synching videotaped depositions to written transcripts (time stamping). DH goes to court and sits next to the attorney he represents and pulls up whatever graphics are needed to display on the screen. (Behind the scenes, he spends hours with the attorneys as they prepare their cases.) Anyway, while court was in session yesterday, I sat in the back and observed how the jury reacted. It’s amazing how an image on the screen will really get their attention! And, after an absolutely brilliant and eloquent opening statement from our attorney, the plaintiff decided it would be in his best interest to settle. And the judge wholeheartedly agreed. There was general euphoria on our side! I got a real lesson in civics yesterday and found the whole legal process fascinating. No wonder DH loves his work!

One of the lawyers we represent


Anonymous said...

adsolutely fasinating. I always enjoy learning what people do in their professions. That is probably why I like watching some of the reality shows on television.

Conni said...

Thanks for your comment, anonymous!