Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another Seam...

Here is one of the seam treatments for day 90, consisting of herringbone stitches, bugle and seed beads.


Unknown said...

Hi! I've enjoyed looking at all these beautiful stitches! Is there a photo somewhere of the entire piece? It must look really gorgeous by now!

P.S. About a year ago I emailed you about your beautiful Santas. I was trying to make one of my own. If you'd like to see how he turned out, reply to this comment and I will email a photo to you. I'll also try to post on my blog, but I'm having trouble uploading lately. You were a big help and I think his face turned out great! Thank you so much!

Conni said...

Thanks, Bettsi! I just saw your Santa on your site. He turned out terrific!!! I left a comment on your blog. Thanks for the link here.

The seam embellishments I've been posting are from two crazy quilt works in progress. One is a wedding collage that will be framed (if it ever gets finished!) and the other will be a lingerie case. I haven't posted larger pictures of the works in context, yet.