Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Moss on Metal

Here is some “moss” growing on my “rusty metal.” The thread “moss” was created in the wonderful Machine Embellished Surfaces course (taught by Susan Brittingham) I’m taking at Quilt U. The “rusty metal” was a Try it Tuesdays challenge.


jackie said...

Like your textured piece - embellishing is so popular now. I am trying to resist, but I will definately have a go at the background effect at some point.

jackie said...

Me again. I'm not sure you mean the same thing as I do by embellishing - it is like needle felting,but done on a machine. The course you mentioned seem to be more about a variety of ways of embellishing ie decorating a surface. The effect is good however you made it.

Conni said...

Thanks for your comments, Jackie. I think you are talking about “felting” done on a Bernina Embellisher (?). This course is about using a conventional sewing machine to decorate a surface. The “moss” is made using a needle lace technique.