Friday, July 07, 2006

More Work on the Wedding Collage...

Here's another seam treatment on the wedding collage. It’s Sharon’s Day 11 combination of herringbone, detached chain, oyster stitches and beads. I had never tried the oyster stitch before so I had to spend a little time studying it in Sharon’s stitch dictionary. And, being a southpaw, I had to change the direction of a few steps…sigh… but I finally got it! I was delighted to find some vintage silk twist thread spools tucked in among some vintage fabric pieces given to me by a friend. I used the silk to make the oyster stitches. It was such a pleasure embroidering with the silk – it’s so smooth! Anyway, I am really excited to be learning some new stitches and (slowly but surely) making some progress on this project.

herringbone, detached chain, oyster stitches and beads

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