Saturday, May 20, 2006

My Belated Mother’s Day Present!

While surfing EBAY awhile back, I stumbled upon a pattern of gorgeous bohemian-looking outfits (just the kind of clothes I love!) for a doll named Marley Wentworth. I had never heard of the doll so I looked up information on her in Yahoo and - oh my gosh! - I had to have one! I found the exact one I wanted (the basic brunette brand new in the box!) on EBAY this week (DH stayed up until 2:30 or so in the morning to place the bid!). And we bought the clothing pattern, too! Everything arrived yesterday (Friday) – and I am over the moon! I know I don’t need any more projects but how could I resist? Here is the link to the pattern designer, d-zinerclothes4dolly. She has some wonderful designs available as “Buy it Now” auctions.

Meantime, I have one more Santa near completion and two more started… so I’m making a little progress.

Pattern and Marley

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