Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lady's Mantle (Also Called Dewcup)

Here is a little sketch of a lady’s mantle plant in the perennial garden. The weather has been so warm and pleasant these past few days. We are still burning the woodstove at night, though.

Nature Journal Sketch: Lady's Mantle


Frances said...

I have 3 versions of this plant in my garden as I love it so much, I had never seen it until I saw some in a friends garden and she gave me a clump which has become many many clumps as it does, I then saw other variations in a plant brochure and bought 2 of them one is smaller with blue/green leaves, the other is a tiny miniture ever green with red stems and just covers the ground,

I like both the drawings you have just posted but love the way you have included the water drops on this leaf, I always see them as little diamonds on the leaves,

Conni said...

Thanks, Frances. Lady’s mantle is one of my favorite plants, too. It’s so hardy and, as you said, it spreads rapidly. I love how the dew collects and sparkles (like diamonds!) in the leaves.

I'll have to look for more varieties...