Saturday, January 21, 2012

TAST 2012: Feather Stitch

Note to self: Don’t add eyelash yarn to a sampler until you've stitched a few rows away from it. Those strands were everywhere in my way for the first two stitches (closed and up and down buttonhole feathered). The third stitch is my version of the chained feather stitch. It is traditionally worked as separate stitches down the row; each stitch pulled to the back and a new one begun on the opposite side. Mine is worked as a continuous row, more like a regular feather stitch – and it works up very quickly! This might be my new favorite! It's very easy to do and I've photographed the tricky part:

1. Make a chain stitch on the left slanting toward center of row.

2. Proceed to the right and make the loop part of a feather stitch.

3. The thread that would normally anchor the feather stitch is, instead, taken back up and through the fabric just to the left of the rightmost stitch, forming top part of a chain stitch.

4. Hold down the lower loop and the working thread and take a stitch through to the front, finishing the chain stitch.

5. Take thread to the left, make another feather stitch and repeat down the row.

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Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Wonderful tutorial and such a pretty stitch. blessings,Kathleen