Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wild Turkeys!

These wild turkeys have been hanging around for the past couple of days. I first saw one of them when I walked into the perennial garden right next to the house two days ago. She was resting on the ground and got up when she realized I was there. I was just a few feet away from her and surprised that she seemed reluctant to move away. When I looked down, I saw why. Little baby turkeys (poults) were scurrying in front of me to hide in the periwinkle vines. I quickly ran inside to get my camera (and to put some distance between myself and mom who looked none too pleased) but by the time I got back outside they were gone. Fortunately, DH was able to get these photos in the backyard early this morning.

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kay susan said...

Connie, how lovely! What super pictures!