Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fertile Earth Lesson Four: Leaves

I wanted to transfer a photo (that I had manipulated in PhotoShop) to fabric for lesson four of the Fertile Earth class. I had planned to print it on transferable paper, but my package of that stuff seems to have gone AWOL. So, I decided to print it directly on the fabric. Serendipitously, I came upon a great tutorial by Allie on this very topic. I didn’t have label-making paper for backing, so I fused Lite Steam-A-Seam to PFD cotton and smoothed it by hand onto 28 lb printer paper. I trimmed the edges and it printed perfectly on my old Epson printer. Since the fabric wasn’t fused to the backing paper, the paper just peeled right off. The first photo is the fabric print. The second photo is my appliqu├ęd and stitched piece. I may add some beads to the background, although it is very sparkly, already.


JoWynn Johns said...

Wow! What a success with your printed manipulated photograph. I've saved your floral piece stitched on painted cheesecloth for future reference. Thanks for the inspiration.

Frances said...

Conni I love them both, did you know you can iron your fabric to freezer paper to make it firm enough to go through the printer and the freezer paper can be used several times,
best thoughts, Frances,

Jackie said...

How could I have missed your blog? Thanks fr your comment. I love your 'Leaves'