Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Tomorrow, DH and I will be having our traditional veggie lasagna and sparkling cider (we are such party animals!) - and watching our favorite movie (Bernard and the Genie)! I usually put the big Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving Day but we’re not putting it in the living room this year – too much temptation for tiny kittens! It’s going to have to go in another room – with the door closed!

Here is a link to the Flickr group of vintage holiday postcards. There are some beautiful Thanksgiving greetings there… Wow! I just realized there are nearly 2.000 postcards from various holidays in the photo pool!


anne said...

Conny, it's funny; today, you have put something about my embroidery in the blog of Elizabeth (Quieter moments) and I know your blog where I am going very often!
thanks to you.
Happy creations

Conni said...

Anne, your work is truly amazing - I love it!