Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Seven Things You Always Wanted to Know About Me and Are Probably Sorry You Asked…

Luci tagged me for the “seven things” thing so here goes:

1. I have been a vegetarian for thirty years. My last meaty meal was a pork roll sandwich on the Ocean City boardwalk. The very next day I read the book, The Vegetarian Alternative (out of print), from cover to cover and our lives were forever changed.

2. I am an anti-vivisectionist and try to purchase cruelty-free products whenever I can.

3. I believe, with all my heart, that all animals go to heaven when they die - and there will be ecstatic, rapturous reunions!

4. My very favorite poem in the entire world (and one that resonates within every fiber of my being) comes from a book of Jewish prayers first published in 1947 called The Language of Faith (out of print). I hope I don’t get in trouble for quoting it here:

With all my strength and spirit, I adore
You, Truth, aloud and in my secret core.
I hoard your name. And who can rob this spoil?
He is my love. What other could I crave?
He is my light. How could my lamp need oil?
How can I falter, leaned on such a stave?

They mock - and do not know that mockery,
Because I praise your name, is praise to me.
Source of my life, your praise shall sound as long
As I can breathe my fervor into song.

5. I am very interested in Mideast politics and am currently reading Joan Peter’s highly respected and well-documented book, From Time Immemorial. I would recommend that to anyone interested in countering the media’s anti-Israel bias.

6.Politically and culturally, I am a Libertarian and an iconoclast. And I find the current climate of political correctness very disturbing. I also don’t believe in sacrificing freedom for security.

And last and maybe least -
7.I started to collect fashion dolls last year. I have several Gene Marshall dolls based upon the film actresses of the thirties and forties. Because of those dolls and my interest in vintage clothing, DH and I have recently begun watching old films when we get a chance (lots of costume design inspiration!) and are really enjoying them. We especially love Rita Hayworth and Bette Davis. DH has such a crush on Rita - what an exquisitely beautiful lady she was! As I write this, I’m singing “Put the blame on Mame, boys…”


alicem said...

"And are probably sorry you asked"?
Not at all, they were seven interesting things. If my darling dog Bessie is in heaven there will be much excited yapping (from both of us) when I get there. And thank you for the beautiful poem/prayer.

Conni said...

You are welcome, Alice. Thanks for your comment.

Luci F said...

Hi Conni
Thanks for sharing your 7 things with us. It's great to learn more about you.